20 juni 2024 | Groningen

Join us on June 20, 2024 at New Energy Forum! Get inspired, think and talk with students and professionals, expand your network and engage with innovation! This year’s theme? Breaking Barriers with entrepreneurial courage!

Dream – Dare – Do

This year, New Energy Forum is all about inspiring initiatives driven by a huge dose of courage. On our mainstage we embrace the power to dream, dare and do. Dream to break barriers, dare to embrace challenges and take initiatives to make your visions reality. On this stage we welcome keynote speakers who take the essentials of dreaming, daring and doing and make it their own. Inspiring people like Sandra Phlippen, Hajar Yagkoubi or Ruud Koornstra will be sharing their stories and visions.

The stage will be hosted by the one, the only Jort Kelder! With him at the wheel the stage is promised to be a place of energy, insights and challenges which will blow you away. So come on by and let yourself be inspired by our brave dreamers, darers and doers. Find out how they take risks, find the answers to them and break the barriers which you might face one day.

Will we see you there?

Talent of the future

At the New Energy Forum, we’re giving a platform to our Talent of the Future. Because one thing is clear: students and young professionals are irreplaceable for the energy transition. They must be involved in thinking and deciding on necessary solutions to accelerate the transition.

Here, you can brainstorm with other young talents and experts about solutions beyond conventional approaches. Everything at this festival revolves around bringing together ideas, innovations, and visions for a sustainable future. We’re bridging the gap between generations and want everyone to be part of the action. Your voice matters and is needed to break through energy barriers.

So, come along, join in, and be inspired at the New Energy Forum. Together, we’re building a future where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand, and where young talents can make a difference.

Mobility of the Future

Technological innovations and the emergence of new players are changing the future of mobility. In addition to cars, buses, trains, subways, and bicycles, our travel options are expanding to include electric cars or hydrogen vehicles, self-driving and connected vehicles, and new subscription services. This has a significant impact on businesses, governments, and citizens, bringing new challenges in areas such as talent development, digitalization, and behavioral change. At the same time, these innovations create numerous opportunities to transport people and goods more intelligently and sustainably.

It takes courage to seize these new opportunities and collaborate beyond organizational boundaries to shape the future of sustainable mobility. At the New Energy Forum, we showcase the latest innovations and groundbreaking ideas that will change the future of mobility. Driven entrepreneurs, professionals, and students come together at the festival to inspire, learn, and innovate. It’s time not only to discuss the future of mobility but also to actively build solutions for sustainable mobility. Are you ready to join us in this journey?

Making Green Money

In today’s world, making money sustainably is becoming the new norm. With advancing technology and a heightened awareness of environmental issues, entrepreneurs are finding fertile ground for innovative ventures.

This isn’t just about profit; it’s about integrating profit with well-being. By investing in green solutions and sustainable practices, businesses can thrive financially while positively impacting the planet and society. Whether it’s renewable energy, circular economies, or innovative recycling, smart and sustainable business models are reshaping the economic landscape.

It takes courage to break from tradition and innovate, but those who do will reap the rewards. At the New Energy Forum, we bring together these forward-thinking entrepreneurs to share successes, gain inspiration, and drive a future where green money-making is the standard. Will you join us in this movement?

Sustainability and Circularity

Sustainability and circularity are crucial to our mission of transforming society into a sustainable one. We’re shifting from a linear economy to a circular one, where resources are reused, and waste is minimized. This demands innovative solutions and a change in mindset. We must redesign products and processes for sustainability and circularity, promoting reuse, recycling, and reducing our ecological footprint.

At the New Energy Forum, we share inspiring examples of progress towards a circular future, including sustainable practices in the built environment. Join us to discuss, learn, and build a sustainable, circular world. Will you join us?

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