20 juni 2024 | Groningen

Youth voice in the energy transition (the HOW)

Locatie: Energy Barn

Building on the previous session, let’s delve into the concept of empowering the younger generation in decision-making within the energy transition. How can we effectively provide them with a platform to influence these crucial discussions? Perhaps it’s about more than just giving them a seat at the table – it’s about ensuring their voices are heard and respected.

During this workshop, students and young professionals have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions about translating their ideas and perspectives into tangible actions within the energy transition. How can we ensure their voices are heard in strategic meetings within companies? And what about active participation in governmental initiatives or collaboration with knowledge institutes?

Let’s explore the practical steps needed to implement this vision. How can companies, governments, and knowledge institutes create structures that not only welcome but actively incorporate the input of the younger generation? Together, let’s pave the way for a more inclusive and forward-thinking approach to energy transition decision-making.

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