22 juni 2023 @ EnTranCe

Human Capital and the regional labor market

16:15 - 17:00 uur @ Gele tent

One of the main challenges ahead with the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy has to do with the regional labor market. Skilled and unskilled workers, active in the fossil fuels industry need to be trained for skills that are necessary for the production of hydrogen, green gas, etcetera. What potential lies ahead? What obstacles do we need to address? Also, energy companies and organizations active in the energy sector need additional workers, on all levels, practical and academic. How are the companies achieving this in a tight labor market?

In this session, researchers on the project “Talent in the Region” will present their progress on this important topic. First, Antonia Hein, who is doing a PhD on Employer Branding, will present the results of her research on Employer Branding, focusing on the Energy branch. What can companies in Energy do to become an attractive employer? How can they win the race for the best talents? Second, Arjen Edzes, professor on regional labor market will present facts and figures from the region in the northern part of the Netherlands and will present the matching and career tool. At the end of the session, we will discuss with the audience the opportunities for organizations in the Energy sector and for young talent that will enter the labor market and might be interested in the Energy sector. Sierdjan Koster will lead the presentation.

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